Moving Home in London: How to Handle Children and Pets

Man and Van ServiceAs much as you feel that moving home will be stressful for you, you need to consider your children and pets as well. Your children are probably already attached to that neighborhood, and the pets will likely become disoriented with the new environment. Below are some moving tips that will help make a move easier for the kids and the pets as well. Moves that involve children and pets are always best of being handled by a man and van service who can help organise the entire move making sure the London relocation goes as smoothly as possible.



You must inform your kids as soon as possible that you will be moving, so they get used to the idea. Involve them in the process, answer their questions and tell them exactly what will happen. If you will be going to a new area, show them around and especially the fun things they will be doing there, so they will look forward to it. Show them the new house as well as their rooms and talk about their room decorations with them.

If they are older, involve them in the packing. It will be more fun if you let them label or decorate the boxes and sort some of the things out. Ensure the kid’s stuff are last to get on the track, so when you arrive, they are first to get out.

Ask someone to look after them on a moving day for their safety and if not, involve them in the move and give them titles like toy coordinator, so they feel the part. Place their things in their rooms first so they can be busy as you organise the rest of the house. Make your first night fun through watching a movie or having pizza. This will make them feel that you are still a family. After some time they are likely to be sad from missing their friends so look for new ones as soon as possible.


Put your pet in a kennel or cattery during the move to avoid stress for both parties. In case this is not possible, during the move, put them in one room and close it to keep them away from the commotion. Ensure that everyone knows where they are and leave them some toys, water and food. While travelling, put them in cages and if not, place them in the back seat and fasten the seatbelt. If you are travelling for long, take breaks so they can relieve themselves. Do not put them in the boot. Once you get to the new home, place them in one room and don’t forget their toys and water.

Once you are done organising, let them explore but make sure they cannot escape. Let them spread their scents so they are m ore comfortable in the new home. Make them a routine of small frequent meals and attention and when you let the dog explore outside, put them on a lead and accompany them till they gain confidence.

If you have an outdoor cat, put it indoor for about two weeks and sprinkler some of their litter around the garden after that to make sure they recognise their home. This will also warn other cats away. You have to be patient, settling in will take time. For general tips on moving home in London we recommend taking a look at these moving home tips. Hopefully you now have all the information you need for a successful relocation.

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