How to remove carpet stains like a pro

Personally, I have had bad experiences with carpet stains that are hard to remove. With the carpet being on the floor and vulnerable to spillages, there got to be a way that stains can be removed easily to leave the carpet looking new again. We cannot afford to keep replacing the carpets every now and then. Whether it’s the coffee, red wine, blood, pet stains, lily pollen or tea stains my approach seems to be working.

For this blog post, I got help from a friend who owns a cleaning company called Thomson’s Cleaning. Am sure people out there are bothered as I am. So, what you are about to read is the compilation of my findings that work. Try them out and see. First, let’s see the principles that govern stain removal.

Take in the spillage ASAP

Instead of rushing to rub the spillage over the carpet wearing it over, adopt a habit of taking the absorbing approach. You can use a dry cloth, a paper cloth, or anything else that can absorb the spill. When you are sure that you have taken up the spill to the maximum, then you can proceed to the next steps.

Dissolving the stain

What can’t be absorbed needs to be removed the hard way and that has to involve dissolving. Two types of solvents can be used here depending on what kind of spillage you are dealing with. Some will dissolve in water while others will dissolve in alcohol.

Make use of a detergent

You may have noticed that without a detergent, your stain might not go away completely as desired. Where it’s the fatty stains especially, you don’t expect that to dissolve in water. Only a detergent will allow free flow of water through the fabrics for a thorough cleaning.

Use chemicals and bleaches

When it’s a mere stain, it should be removed by now if you apply the above steps right. For tough stains, you will have to go an extra step and engage a tougher gear. That is none other but the power of chemical reactions. Enzymes and bleaches for professional cleaning come in here.

Learn the things to do to a carpet stain hereof;

  1. Act fast – your chances of getting rid of a stain are more when you act when the stain is fresh
  2. Blot first – absorb the moisture by use of dry clothes or papers before it spreads
  3. Lift – for carpet ‘lumps’ like those of wax, use a blunt knife to get rid of them. A tape can also apply for powdery stains.
  4. Approach it from the outside in to prevent stain spreading
  5. Understand what kind of textile you are dealing with and how sensitive it is to different products
  6. After you pick the cleaning products, make sure you follow instructions
  7. Do the testing of cleaning products first to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises
  8. Rinse the carpet thoroughly to prevent buildup of residue on the carpet base
  9. Heat drying of the item is not recommended. Instead, fans and dehumidifiers are the best.

Here’s a great video I found on how to professionally clean your carpets: