Dance as a Sport

There has been some debate on whether dance is an art or a sport. The definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others”. Based on that, dance can certainly be considered as a sport.


Girl dancing

Dance, however, is not merely physical exertion but also a form of artistic expression. Thus, it can be considered both as a sport and an art. As a sport, it has similarities with gymnastic floor exercises or ice skating wherein the competitor not only shows physical skill but expresses artistic flair.

Competitive Dance Sport

Adding to the legitimacy of dance as a sport are the organisations that have been established worldwide. In fact, there is an international governing body called the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF). This organisation is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. There is a chance, therefore, for dance sport to eventually be included in the roster of events for Summer Olympic Games in the future.

There are several dance sport competitions that are held internationally. There is the famed Blackpool Dance Festival that is open to all competitors as well as smaller competitions like the ones hosted by the Inter Varsity Dance Association in the UK which are exclusively for university students. These are but a couple of examples of dance sport competitions held worldwide.

Dance sport competitors are even categorized into amateurs and professionals. Some competitions have categories according to age and skill. There are categories starting with beginners, then novices, intermediate, pre-amateur, and amateur.
Physically Demanding

Without a doubt, dance sport is incredibly demanding physically. The dances have evolved to include a high degree of athleticism. At the world level, entrants train rigorously to reach the standard that makes them competitive.

Competitive dance is therefore nothing short of a true sport. Those who practice dance sport exhibit great physical acumen and mastery just as athletes of any other sport. It is undeniable that the physical demands of dance in the competitive level are just as demanding as that of other sports.